At Flavor91 we cook your delicious, fresh meals from scratch. Every ingredient is organic and cooked to perfection just for you!

" Come taste the next level of burgers."



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1. Mission
To nourish you, your families, businesses and communities through the practice of locally-sourcing fresh ingredients from Ohio farms.
2. Ethos-Non GMO, Non-Antibiotic, Hormone-Free
We believe that bettering the lives of our families and communities begins with what we eat. That is why we choose to serve non-GMO, non-antibiotic, hormone-free burgers and sandwiches. We have created relationships with local farms and we can proudly pronounce that all of our menu items feature responsibly raised, sustainable, all-natural ingredients.
3. Vision
To be the most positive connection with your stomach and mind as the smartest source for fresh food and familial hospitality.
4. Our Commitment
To remain true and do right by you, assure to align with your values in order to influence every decision that we choose.